A Promise of Hope

A Promise of Hope

Paperback - 2007
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Mar 08, 2016

When i read this a number of years ago, i found it very profound and i've recommended it innumerable times (and i ditto jamwalk - you don't have to have a mental illness). I continue to reflect on the many layers of Autumn's story; it's given me such an appreciation, and beginning understanding of mental illness (I have no personal exposure as yet), a more ferocious support of alternative therapies, and so importantly, first hand account of encouragement and HOPE. I've read another book since called 'The Mood Cure', which also focuses on nutrition to be healthy.

Dec 30, 2013

Excellent writing & honesty about the pain of one family's suffering from mental illness. I am intrigued about the formulation of the remedy intended for aggressive hogs. From what I see on the website, it has a high concentration of Vitamin B 12. Lecithin, also present, is an inexpensive supplement that contains inositol & choline to nourish brain neurons. I swear by Omega 3's. Gingko biloba hasn't been proven. It is expensive to order this from truehope.com. but perhaps worth it to get off those nasty pharmaceuticals.The politics involved were an eye opener. Apparently the drug companies want people to stay sick so they can get richer. There's a scary thought!

May 23, 2012

As a person recently diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, I found the story in this book both compelling and enlightening. It both gave me insight into something I did not experience (having a bipolar parent) and something I did (becoming sick myself). I would highly recommend this book to anyone regardless of mental health, but especially for anyone with a diagnosis. Autumn writes with brutal honesty, and I appreciated her insight greatly.

Feb 17, 2012

Absolutely stunning and I can't deny the fact that her telling of her story helped me look at my life and that of those around me. No wonder some people think some of us are so messed up with drugs and alcohol and are crazy. It's biological I now have found... for some anyways. Thanks to Elan from Woodcroft library for suggesting this book. Wouldn't have found it without her!!

Oct 27, 2009

This a great book for understanding mental illnes and an alternative approach to conventional medicine. There is a little bit of language but as a sensitive reader I did not find it offensive.

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