In 1945, German generals led their country to ruin rather than kill Hitler. A sickening spectacle of false honor.
--- States as a fact that Nazis started the Reichstag fire, a doubtful contention.
--- Repeats discredited tale that Nazis made lampshades of human skin.
--- Says Goebbels reissued the film KOLBERG. In fact it appeared for the first time in 1945 as a major production.
--- Omits the 500,000 burned and crushed corpses, almost all civilians, left by US/UK bombing of German towns. Allied generals publicized appalling scenes at liberated camps to offset the appalling scenes of devastation the Allies had caused all over Germany.
--- Uses term "holocaust" once re a Wagner performance, and once re Berlin in flames, but not re Jews. The book came out in 1966. "Holocaust" was not enshrined for Jewish victims till after Israel's 1967 blitzkrieg attacks and seizure of Arab lands. Thereafter it was heavily promoted to justify Zionist aggression.
--- Mentions Heinrici's tactic of pulling men back just before an enemy bombardment, then bombarding the enemy as they rushed in. Omits that Heinrici told Hitler this was a trick Heinrici had learned from the French in WW1. Hitler laughed at the irony.
--- Also omits the fact that Hitler's last defenders were French volunteers of the Charlemagne division. This added to Hitler's depression.

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