Democrats want to kill democracy by overthrowing the 2016 election. The authors lament that "American politicians now treat their rivals as enemies, intimidate the free press, and threaten to reject the results of elections." That fits Democrats, who call rivals "racists", spy on reporters, and pretend that Trump isn't president. Yet the authors say Trump is the menace. They blame him for coming from outside the political establishment, the very quality that attracted voters. They claim he has "little observable commitment to constitutional rights, and clear authoritarian tendencies." That is nonsense. Dems loath the Constitution. Trump does not inhibit the libelous press that savages him daily. If the authors were truthful, they would focus on the danger of dynasticism, repeatedly choosing leaders from the Kennedy, Bush and Clinton families.
--- Dems feel disdain for democracy. As elitists, they distrust the electorate. When rejected by voters, Dems denounce the "crude populism" of those who "cling to their guns and their religion" (Obama). They scornfully blamed 2016 on "angry White men," "the non-coastal people," "fascism," "racism," and "the rape culture."
--- Hillary ran a very dirty 2016 campaign. She stole the nomination from Bernie, then blamed Russia for exposing it. She paid thugs to start fistfights at Trump rallies. To cut voter turnout, the media insisted that Trump had no chance, while Dem insiders like Donna Brazile knew he was winning. Dems tried to stop Trump with an old quip about grabbing women, yet Trump won White women by ten points; they recalled how Hillary labeled Bill's victims "bimbos" and "trailer trash".
--- Hillary bought Russian lies (Steele Dossier), which Obama and Comey used to fool the FISA Court and spy on Trump's campaign. Dems got Ukrainians to smear Trump, tie him to Russia, and shield Hunter Biden (Politico 1/2017, Alexandra Chalupa). Obama hands Bruce & Nellie Ohr, Victoria Nuland, James Clapper and John Brennan helped in this treachery.
--- Sensing these maneuvers, Trump said the system was rigged. Knowing it was, Obama denied it could be. Dems warned Trump to accept his coming defeat. They demanded that Repubs honor the election result and unite behind the winner. This was sheer hypocrisy; Dems had no thought of fair-dealing should they lose.
--- Having done all they could to steal the election, Dems were shocked when Trump won anyway. They called for insurrection ("Not my president! Resist! Coup!"). Many went berserk, rioting, beating and shooting Republicans; ax-wielding Antifa gangs took over Oregon streets. Celebrities joked about killing Trump and his family. Dems tried to subvert the Constitution by corrupting the Electoral College. They vowed to destroy Trump's presidency one way or another.
--- Dems claimed Trump was a Russian agent and Putin had rigged the unriggable election. Adam Schiff led the slander, aided by Maxine Waters and perjurors Clapper & Brennan. After Mueller disproved these lies, Dems attacked Trump for investigating the Biden graft in Ukraine: Trump had no right to "drain the swamp" by exposing this corruption.
--- Trump haters ignore Clinton/Obama crimes that struck at the heart of our democracy. Bill Clinton ransacked FBI files on Republicans and gave bribed pardons. Hillary took tens of millions in payoffs for trade approvals, used a private server to hide them, and destroyed subpoenaed emails. Obama condoned Black Panther voter-intimidation while his IRS targeted conservative groups. He spied ruthlessly on reporters probing his lies re BP spill, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, and many other scandals; his henchmen threatened reporters and networks, forcing most to follow the White House line. Reporter Michael Hastings denounced Obama in "Why Democrats Love to Spy on Americans"; eleven days later he died in a strange car crash. Obama was thoroughly corrupt, his likable image a fraud.

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