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Jan 07, 2017GDWallis rated this title 4 out of 5 stars
I recently saw a friend's picture posted on Facebook that revealed her oldest son reading The Gruffalo to his younger sister and his cousins. Up to that point I have never read The Gruffalo. I have heard about it over the years, I have seen it on the shelves at bookstores, but I have never read it. And I was not disappointed in the least when I finally sat down and read it. I enjoyed it immensely. Such a simple story of a mouse walking through the woods, eyed by hungry predators, who creates a story of a gruffalo to scare off the predators. Unbeknownst to the mouse, there WAS a gruffalo wandering the woods! Before the book ends, the mouse proves his cunning and sly ways. Overall, the book was an excellent book to read. The story was fun and entertaining, the art was colorful and childlike. I recommend reading The Gruffalo.